Pet Follower Halo

Pet Follower Halo

Pet Follower Halo is a term that refers to the followers or supporters of the Halo brand, particularly those who support the company’s mission to provide healthy and nutritious food for companion animals while also promoting animal welfare and social impact. Halo is one of the leading pet food brands in the industry, with a fan base that includes pet parents, animal lovers, and organizations such as Lil Bub’s Big Fund and Friends Foundation. The company is known for its balanced and ethically-sourced food products and has won several awards for its environmental and animal welfare campaigns.

Pet Follower Halo’s Mission

Pet Follower Halo is a company that is dedicated to providing holistic pet care through the ethical treatment of animals. The company’s mission is to promote social impact by supporting animal shelters and rescue organizations while providing high-quality, balanced, and nutritious food for pets.

Halo recognizes the importance of providing pets with optimal care by sourcing only fresh, whole-food and real ingredients. By providing pets with essential vitamins and minerals, they aim to improve their health, longevity, and overall well-being. They emphasize the importance of feeding pets nutritious and balanced food options that are free from harmful additives and preservatives.

As stated in the thitsission statement, Halo strives to make a positive difference in the lives of both pets and pet parents. By providing top-notch services and products that enhance the relationship between pets and their owners, they aim to create a community of loyal and satisfied pet owners.

Social Impact

Halo’s commitment to improving the lives of pets extends beyond their nutrition. The company is deeply committed to creating a positive social impact by supporting animal shelters and rescue organizations through partnerships and donations. Through these efforts, Halo aims to promote animal welfare and facilitate adoptions for animals in need. Their dedication to social impact has resulted in a large fan base of pet lovers who appreciate the company’s efforts to improve the lives of animals and their human companions.

Myron Lyskanycz and His Team

Myron Lyskanycz, the founder of Pet Follower Halo, has always been a lifelong animal lover with numerous rescue animals. He believes in the importance of animal welfare and is committed to making a social impact. To achieve Pet Follower Halo’s mission of creating balanced and ethical pet food products, Myron Lyskanycz has assembled a team of experienced professionals.

One of the key members of Myron Lyskanycz’s team is Sally Turner, who serves as the director of product development. With extensive knowledge of food diets and a passion for animal welfare, Sally is responsible for creating and testing new food products. Before joining Pet Follower Halo, Sally worked for several food brands, where she was instrumental in launching new product lines.

Lil Bub’s Big Fund

Pet Follower Halo proudly supports Lil Bub’s Big Fund, a critical initiative that provides financial assistance to pets with special needs. This fund is named after Lil Bub, a famous cat who had a rare genetic condition that caused facial deformities. Despite her unique appearance, Lil Bub captured the hearts of millions of social followers around the world and became an ambassador for disabled animals.

The purpose of Lil Bub’s Big Fund is to ensure that pets with unique medical conditions have access to the care and resources they need. This fund covers medical expenses, from routine check-ups to life-saving surgeries. Thanks to the support of Pet Follower Halo and other donors, this fund has helped many animals with special needs find forever homes.

Tabby Mix Rescue

Tabby Mix Rescue is a non-profit animal rescue organization that focuses on serving the needs of stray cats with a particular emphasis on tabby mixes. Their mission is to promote animal welfare and find forever homes for abandoned cats that are often overlooked by other shelters.

Through their tireless efforts, Tabby Mix Rescue has been able to rescue countless cats off the streets and provide them with the necessary medical attention, food, and care needed to rehabilitate them back to full health. They have also created awareness about the benefits of adopting stray cats and have encouraged people to welcome these beautiful creatures into their homes.

Millions of Shelter Pets in Need of Help

Millions of shelter pets across the country are in dire need of help and proper care. Due to various reasons such as abandonment, homelessness, or neglect, these animals often end up in animal shelters with limited resources and space. As a result, they often suffer from malnutrition, neglect, illness, and other health issues that affect their overall well-being.

The situation is dire and requires urgent attention from animal lovers and advocates. Supporting animal shelters and adopting animals from these facilities can make a significant impact in providing these animals with the love, care, and nutrition they require. Adopting a pet not only gives them a loving forever home but also helps create space in shelters to accommodate more animals in need.

One way to help provide proper nutrition and care to shelter pets is by opting for vegan dog and cat food options. Vegan pet food options provide balanced nutrition and are cruelty-free, which means that they do not contribute to the negative impact of the meat industry on the environment. Additionally, vegan pet food options are often made with high-quality ingredients that promote better health and vitality in pets.

Food for Dogs & Cats

Food plays a significant role in the health and happiness of pets. As they become a part of our family, their nutrition needs should be taken seriously. Thus, it’s essential to provide them with the right kind of food that promotes their well-being. In this article, we’ll discuss what to consider when choosing pet food as well as the different types of food available in the market, specifically for dogs and cats.

Meat-Based Food Diets

Meat-based food diets have been the go-to for cats and dogs for many years. However, there are potential risks associated with these diets that every pet parent should be aware of. These risks include possible food allergies or intolerances that can cause irritation, digestive issues, and other health problems in pets. The top 5 most popular meat-based food brands for cats and dogs are Purina, Pedigree, Iams, Royal Canin, and Hill’s Science Diet.

It’s important to note that not all meat-based food diets are created equal. Pet parents must read the ingredient labels carefully, as many of these diets contain fillers like corn, wheat, and soy that have no nutritional value for pets and can even be harmful. Instead, choose a balanced diet that not only has high-quality protein sources but also includes vital nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Taking the time to monitor pets for any allergies or intolerances and adjusting their diet accordingly is equally important. Common signs of food intolerance include itchy skin, chronic ear infections, and gastrointestinal problems. By paying attention to these indicators and adjusting the diet accordingly, pet parents can ensure their pets are on the path to optimal health and well-being.

While the convenience of popular meat-based food brands may be appealing to pet parents, it’s important to carefully consider the ingredients and understand the potential risks associated with a meat-based diet. By choosing a balanced diet and monitoring pets for any allergies or intolerances, pet parents can ensure their pets are receiving the necessary nutrients for optimal health.

Balanced Food Diets

As pet owners, we all want what’s best for our furry friends. One of the most important aspects of pet care is providing them with a balanced and nutritious diet. Feeding your pet a balanced diet not only ensures optimal health and well-being but can also improve their quality of life. In recent years, many pet owners have opted for a vegan diet for their pets, and it’s becoming increasingly popular.

A well-balanced vegan diet can provide dogs and cats with all the nutrients they require. A healthy diet should include protein, carbohydrates, fiber, as well as essential vitamins and minerals. Most people believe that dogs and cats require meat to get the protein they need. However, this is not entirely true. High-quality plant-based proteins, such as soy and peas, can provide all the protein dogs and cats need.

Vegan pet food brands like PawCo and Benevo offer a wide range of balanced kibble and canned food options for pets. These products contain a variety of plant-based ingredients that provide better nutrition for dogs and cats, including whole grains, vegetables, and fruits in addition to protein sources.

When choosing a pet food, it’s crucial to read the ingredient labels carefully. By doing so, you can ensure that you’re providing your pet with a balanced and nutritious diet. Be sure to look for a pet food brand that provides the correct balance of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that your pet needs. The Vegan pet food should be formulated explicitly for your pet’s life stage, size, and breed.

Feeding your pet a balanced and nutritious diet is essential for their overall health and well-being. A well-planned vegan diet can provide all the nutrients that dogs and cats need to thrive. By choosing high-quality vegan pet food brands like PawCo and Benevo and carefully monitoring your pet’s nutritional needs, you can ensure that your pet receives the best possible nutrition and lives a long and healthy life.

Cat Food Products and Dog Snacks

Vegan pet food options have come a long way in recent years, and there are now a variety of nutritious and delicious vegan cat food products and dog snacks available in the market. Many companies understand that pet owners are looking for plant-based options for their furry friends, and several have stepped up to offer them.

One popular brand that offers vegan cat food products is Benevo. Their dry kibble for cats is made with a blend of plant-based proteins, including peas and potatoes, and is completely free from meat or animal by-products. Additionally, their Benevo Duo canned food contains a combination of cereals, vegetables, and berries that cats find irresistible.

When introducing any new food to your pet, it is essential to do so gradually. This is particularly true if you’re introducing a vegan option, as it may take time for your pet’s digestive system to adjust. While most pets will transition without any problems, it’s always best to keep a close eye on your pet for any signs of skin, digestive, or other health issues.

Other popular vegan pet food brands that offer cat food products and dog snacks include PawCo and Ami. With a little bit of research and effort, you can find the perfect vegan food options for your beloved animal companion that will provide them with all the nutrients they need to thrive.


In conclusion, Halo is a brand that is committed to improving the lives of companion animals through its innovative products and no-kill mission. The company prides itself on offering vegan kibble and dry kibble options that are free from meat and animal by-products. Additionally, Halo’s partnership with the D’Amelio family and its collaboration with renowned dog trainer Cesar Millan will bolster its animal safety technology and help further its ongoing mission to improve animal welfare.


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